So, let's start with what our clients say about us
"So many great ideas have already come out of this session and best of all is that the ideas have come from the team and not from the facilitators. We cannot recommend the Three Things highly enough - great fun and very useful” - Affi Khan, CEO of RIG Healthcare.

"I have a small team of 7 employees who have experienced no attrition over the last 2 years. This has largely been a positive situation, but given the lack of change over this period, I opted for the Thought Provoker sessions to ensure all the team remained stimulated in their roles and to think outside the box. We really enjoyed the bite-sized sessions model which still allowed for a good amount of interaction and initiative between the team. The “Three things” Thought Provoker sessions got my team thinking and working closely together. It really brought out the camaraderie shared amongst them. It was an excellent opportunity to see how each member of the team would respond to the activities required in the sessions. The team really benefitted from how tailored and relevant the sessions were to our organisational requirements which is testimony to how much attention Jerome paid to the needs of the business and the individuals. The sessions have encouraged the team to be more vocal with sharing ideas and being more aware around the value of individual as well as collective contributions. I would highly recommend “Three Things” to any managers who are interested in bringing out the potential of their team. This is whether you are happy with the current status or looking for significant improvements. I am really happy with the dynamic of my team, but chose “Three Things” as part of a strategy to ensure they remain stimulated in their positions." - Fodi Kyriakos, Head of Radiographer Reporting at InHealth Group

Who we are

My name is Jerome Kalan. I am a "Thought Provoker" (TP) facilitator and director at "Three Things". I have worked in business and specifically human resources for around 20 years. This has ranged from process-driven production through to buzzy, high-energy sales environments. I often say that I am a business person who happens to have worked in people management and HR; I'm not an HR person who happened to be in business.

One of my passions is to see people succeed. And have a little fun along the way. I've had the joy of investing time and energy helping many people over the years. Quite a few have gone on to achieve great success in their careers and have made a positive impact. And that is what we are trying to replicate here at "Three Things".

As part of what we do, we partner with talented businesses and individuals who are engaged in creative activities to help bring life and a unique edge to some of our sessions.

Why "Three" Things?

My father-in-law often says, "You can take a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. Rome wasn't built in a day. And things always happen in threes."

Now, the first two (rather common) sayings is actually quite true. The third thing (excuse the pun), is probably more the realm of superstition. We don't do superstition here.

When you think about it, it's amazing how many issues we see in our workplaces that can be summed up by those first two sayings. And yet, how easy it is to ignore them.

Another saying that my good friend Michael uses is, "Common sense is not as common as you might think." And he's right! And that is what we like to address with our unique services.

Ever wondered about some of the jawdroppers that you've heard in the workplace?  

Have you ever had a situation where a manager or staff member asks a question that makes your jaw drop because you can't believe how they appear to have missed the glaringly obvious.

You seem to see the answer straight away. What goes through your mind? Maybe something like, "Surely this is plain common sense". And you'd probably be right. Yet, people miss things. Even intelligent, educated people who are in leadership roles and positions of influence. And you shudder at the thought of what impact this might be having on your business or organisation.

So, we thought we'd look into this a bit more, not only to understand it better, but to see if we can help. And we believe we can.

Short on Time and Resources? 

It seems everywhere you look these days, there are reports in the media, accounts on social media and people generally talking about issues that are becoming more commonplace in our society and workplaces. These include issues around mental health, well-being, stress and anxiety that seems to plague so many in recent times. There are challenges in terms of talent acquisition, engagement and retention of good people that have a direct economic impact on businesses, organisations and the broader economy. And that's not even to mention current hot topics like Brexit.

And then there's the complexity of leading and managing people from diverse backgrounds. In an ever changing global environment, we are not only encountering a need for awareness and skills in terms of dealing with various cultures, but age diversity has taken on a whole new meaning. We encounter a plethora of information and research into the differences between the so-called Baby Boomer generation and Generation X, through to the even more different Gen Y and more recently Gen Z, who are starting to dominate people numbers in our organisations.

Leaders and managers at all levels of our businesses and organisations are faced with ever-increasing complexity in terms of our people. Life for newly appointed managers and those at the frontline in supervisory roles are more challenging than ever. And that's not to mention the pressures they face in terms of the technical and operational side of their roles and responsibilties. And sometimes, in their despair, they are overwhelmed and just plod along, hoping for the best.

And in the midst of this, businesses and organisations have financial, market and operational pressures that impact on their decisions when looking at how to support their managers and staff from a learning and development point of view.

Having spent many years in people management and human resources, from hands-on junior roles through to senior director positions, and having spent lots of time coaching, mentoring and supporting line managers, I have developed an insight into what can help to minimise the frustrations that leaders experience, especially those at the frontline.

And that's what prompted the sessions and workshops we have on offer at "Three Things".

Contact us and we'll look at your specific needs and requirements to see if we can help you. It costs nothing; just a little time. But, we won't jump the gun until we understand your needs better.

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